Too Hot to Handle? Get Your AC Serviced Today!

Get Your AC Serviced Today

Summer is here. As usual, summer means hot days and sweltering nights. If it’s hot in your home, you don’t need to live that way for long. With the right air conditioning service, you can stay cool no matter how hot it gets this summer. But how do you know if you need AC service in Lilburn? Here are a few indicators that you should call for help.

          1. If you have lived in your home for a year or 2 you are likely very aware of how much it costs to run your AC. If you find that your cooling bills are much higher than they should be (even if it’s a warmer year than last year), then you might need to service your AC. As a cooler ages and wears out it runs less efficiently. When it runs less efficiently, your cooler is going to use more energy to keep your home cool. The result of that will be a higher bill each month. While your bill will likely change subtly each month, if there is a major increase, you probably need to get it serviced.
          2. Does it seem like your AC just won’t turn off? If you have a small cooler and a large home, it will take a while for the cooler to get your home comfortable. But even then, it shouldn’t run 24 hours a day. If your cooler takes ages to cool your home, it’s likely due to extreme age and inefficiency. If you want to avoid even more costly problems and a huge monthly cooling bill, call for service at once.
          3. Another problem you should watch out for is a discrepancy between what your thermostat says the temperature is and how it actually feels in your home. If it’s much warmer or cooler than what you have the temperature set to, there might be a problem with your cooler’s wiring or sensors.

If your home isn’t getting as cool as you would like it or it costs too much to cool, you probably need to get your AC serviced. There are countless reasons the cooler might not be working right, so don't suffer in silence. Call us to get the problem taken care of today.