Tips for Homeowners: Fixing Your Suwanee Home Heating

At Air Master Heating & Air, we’ve been serving our friends and neighbors in Suwanee GA since 1993. We’ve developed long-lasting relationships and are well-known for our excellent customer service, quality work and competitive pricing. We’re also known for providing our valued customers with tips for their Suwanee home heating systems.

Tips for Your Suwanee Home Heating System

Many of our customers in Suwanee GA wind up calling us for a service visit when they really don’t have a home heating problem. Before spending money on an unnecessary service call, there are some quick checks you can do for an easy fix on your own. Even though it may sound silly, make sure your thermostat is actually on and in the heat position. Check the contacts on the thermostat to make sure they are clean. If not, clean with a simple wire brush. Also, you can check the circuit broker to make sure a fuse hasn’t blown.

Keep in mind it may also be that the air filter is clogged or dirty. Dirty air filters will impede airflow along with putting stress on other components in the system. With a furnace, a dirty air filter can put stress on the heat exchanger and actually cause a system shutdown. We always recommend changing or cleaning the air filter once a month during periods of continual use. If some rooms are getting heated and others aren’t, make sure the register in the unheated room is open. You may have closed it and completely forgotten about it.

In order for a home heating system in Suwanee GA to work properly, it is essential that the outdoor unit has enough air to draw in, and the unit is free of debris. If you have shrubbery around the system, make sure it is at least three feet from the unit. Check for and remove any twigs or leaves from the unit.

The best way to avoid repairs for a home heating system is to invest in a regular service plan. Much like a car, your heating unit requires regular maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. During a maintenance visit, technicians fix leaks, lubricate parts, tighten wire connections, check the thermostat calibration and much more. It’s also the perfect time for a technician to replace any worn parts before a major problem develops. At Air Master Heating & Air, we offer a variety of preventative maintenance plans to suit any budget.

Repairs for a Heating Unit

If you’ve tried some of the basics for a quick fix and are unsuccessful, then give us a call to schedule a home visit. Our NATE-certified technicians are expert diagnosticians and will quickly find the problem. In addition to competitive prices, we also offer Internet coupons for discounts on repairs. We’ll also do the repair in an expeditious manner. Our trucks are fully stocked on a daily basis, and we do repairs the same day as the service. We know the winters in Suwanee can be quite chilly and want you and your family enjoying a warm home as soon as possible.

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